About Global Gophers

The Beginning: Global Gophers started as the brain child of Sam and Alana, a transatlantic couple. Sam, after immigrating from England to live with his new wife in America, realized that even in today's modern world, it wasn't always easy to get English products from home. After intruding on the goodwill of relatives for a few months, he and Alana put together Global Gophers to help all expats and those who have a taste for things international be able to find exactly what they need.

About the Business: Global Gophers is an entirely internet business providing a valuable, and we believe, unique service for its customers. We allow you, the customer, to specify exactly what you want and where you want it from. We do not mark up the costs of anything you buy and we ship to you by whichever method you prefer. You no longer have to search for the products you want only to find that the website you found doesn't ship abroad. Just email us your request and we'll get it for you.

Global Gophers has been steadily growing since it was initially set up in March 2005. We recently added two new countries (Australia and Canada), and are always looking for new markets to expand in. We have added a bookshop that carries all books of interest to expats and travelers and maintain a database of useful articles on expat living.

Our Ethos: We believe that with the ability to transport goods and ourselves around the world, comes the responsibility to preserve the world for generations to come. That's why we use as little packaging materials as possible to ship your items to you without risking damage and package items in the smallest possible boxes (which has the added bonus of keeping your shipping costs down).

Feel free to email us if you have any questions about our company or our service. If you have used our service and are happy with it, please feel free to tell your friends about us!

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