All about Care Packages

What is a care package?

"hand basket, such as a picnic basket. The term is used more generally to designate a package of any sort that contains a food assortment, particularly as a gift. A Christmas hamper is a package containing all the makings for a Christmas dinner"

(J Stensrude)

While there is no distinct definition of a care package; nowadays the phrase refers to a parcel containing various types of food.  The term is widely used in America and this is where most care packages are sent and received.  The British equivalent is the "hamper" and the term evokes images of Christmas delicacies in a wicker basket. 

When did care packages come into their own?

The most famous Care Packages originated from CARE International (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe) who got hold of the "10-in-1"  (meals for ten in one package) food parcels at the end of World War II originally intended for servicemen.  CARE started a service whereby Americans could purchase a care package for $10 and the package would be sent to friends and relatives in Europe where food was scarce and rationing was still ongoing.

What was in the first CARE Packages?

. one pound of beef in broth
. one pound of steak and kidneys
. 8 ounces of liver loaf
. 8 ounces of corned beef
. 12 ounces of luncheon loaf
. 8 ounces of bacon
. 2 pounds of margarine
. one pound of lard
. one pound of fruit preserves
. one pound of honey
. one pound of raisins
. one pound of chocolate
. 2 pounds of sugar
. 8 ounces of egg powder
. 2 pounds of whole-milk powder
. 2 pounds of coffee

"Every CARE Package is a personal contribution to the world peace our nation seeks. It expresses America 's concern and friendship in a language all peoples understand."

President John F. Kennedy, 1962

Care Packages today

Since then,  care packages have become a common occurrence in daily American life, parents send them to their children at summer camp, students at college for final exams and even as graduation gifts.

The war in Iraq has led to a dramatic increase in the sending of care packages overseas as people send military care packages to the troops of servicemen and women who are deployed as soldiers in armed forces.

Care packages have evolved as well, as companies use them to promote their products, by, for instance, sending free care packages loaded with their products to nursing homes, hospitals and even prisons. Others send them as gifts, especially for birthdays, mother's day and as get well presents for those in hospital.

Whatever the reason a care package is a great way to show someone you are thinking of them - especially if they are abroad and are missing items from home.  At Global Gophers we send packages worldwide - let us know what the recipient would like by making a request and we'll create your unique package for them.

Alternatively you may wish to browse our selection of care packages we have created to give you some ideas and inspiration.  Cookies are an extremely popular choice though you can choose healthy options too.  Sending a care package is easy with Global Gophers.

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