How To Make A Request:

Shop the world with the Global Gophers Personal Shopper Service

GlobalGophers is currently operating in three countries: Canada, France, Great Britain and the United States of America.

In each of these countries there is a personal shopper - or Gopher - who will personally take your request and purchase items on your behalf and ship them direct to your door.

If you are an expatriate or have lived in any of these countries and miss some groceries or other items that you would like simply make a request and a personal shopper will contact you via email.  Alternatively you may wish to send a gift to somebody overseas  - check out our selection of care packages, pre-priced and ready to be sent.

The personal shopper service is operated online though the Gophers will physically go to the store to buy the items on your  behalf.

Below is an outline of what happens when you make a request to the Gopher personal shopper service.  Don't forget to browse our FAQ's page if you have further questions.

Step 1

Email us the product details by making a request

Step 2

We will respond confirming if product can be sourced and request deposit (e.g. 20USD, 10GPB, 15EUR)

Step 3

Once deposit received, item will be purchased, postage calculated and final invoice issued.

Step 4

Once final payment is made item will be dispatched to the address provided. Email confirmation and tracking # sent (depending on postal method).


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