Global Gophers Fees

At Global Gophers we believe in complete transparency around our fees. There are never any membership fees or set-up costs to get started.  The only fees you need to be aware of are as follows:


  $25 per US store or £20 per UK store you purchase from, plus 6% of your order cost (including shipping) is charged to process and handle your order. This includes dealing with the merchants and sorting out any order issues (e.g., damaged or incorrect items), before they are shipped to you.
•  Your first five items are included, but we will charge $1 or £0.75 per additional item.
  FedEx shipping fees are significantly discounted (we also offer the option to consolidate all items into a single shipment, to save on your shipping costs)
  For items from the US, merchants will charge 7% sales tax on most items except clothing and shoes. For items from the UK, merchants will charge a 20% VAT on most items except children’s clothing and books.


Check out our FAQs for more information or contact us with any questions.
Global Gophers Fees